Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Poetry- Rains At The Beach

Rains At The Beach
by Rob Cottignies

when it rains at the beach
everything closes down
this has to be a metaphor
or little cliché
when it rains, it pours
I never really understood what that meant
until this very summer
it has rained every day
in one way or another
but everywhere else life goes on
except for the beach
the sand gets wet and everyone leaves
the sand gets wet and everyone leaves
no one
wants to be around gray clouds
storms bring violent winds
that create waves crashing with
forces I cannot identify
at night the thunder is louder
and lightning is equally brighter
as it strikes down on the ocean
everything below dies
all is lifeless and still
again because of the rain
this is a thunderstorm
that lasts throughout the year
and it will never stop
the sand gets wet and everyone leaves…

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