Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Poetry- Invitation Only

Invitation Only
by Rob Cottignies

Across a poorly-lit room
Her presence is felt
Her black black hair and baby blue eyes
Black and blue
He already knows she's hurting
He gathers up his courage and beer
(One in the same)
She watches him tremble toward her
"Is he looking at me?
Would my father like him?
Would he make a good father?"
She thinks to herself and clings to her glass
She separates from her friends
As they near the silence grows
Opening lines are so difficult
Aren't they?
Walking past her he rushes to the bathroom
She snaps back to reality
He wants to throw up but he can't
He's so nervous he forgets his own name
He wants to know hers
He wants to know her
In the mirror his reflection is strong
It glows with all his bad qualities
"You're too tall and plain-looking
You have the wrong-colored eyes
And that shirt is just awful"
He punches the mirror and it crashes
She hears it from outside
"What was that?" she asks, fully knowing the answer
She is already inside his head
Which he's just hit against the wall
Thud, goes everything that could have been
She watches help go toward him
His unconscious body comes out on a stretcher
She knows this is her fault, in a way
She believes in love at first sight
But she is having trouble believing in this sight
Quickly, she writes her phone number on his arm
When he wakes up he will see
That he was finally invited
"Hello" would've worked, too...

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